starting permax


Hi everyone

I will be starting my horse on permax as soon as I get the rx filled.
We never made it to the vet 3 hours away but had a phone consult
after the local vet pulled some blood. The glucose and insulin were
normal, the cortisol high and thyroid lo normal. She has been
shedding out in a very strange pattern and is turning a color I've
never seen before on her, she's a pale yellow in summer and white in
winter, this year she has dark gold clumps of hair where she's
shedded. also sweating strangely as with the other posters horse.
Her feet are no problem but she's been a barefoot performance trim
15 years, I owe her feet to a wise farrier and healthy living. Her
topline has changed and she has muscle wasting and fat deposits where
there weren't any. We debated about cypro vs. permax but felt to go
with the permax, also low dose of thyroid replacment. I still don't
have a definitive dx of cushings but since this doesn't look like
anything else, will treat like this.
Otherwise her weight is good and she looks great for an old horse,
life to her and is perking up alot since moving to this nice quiet
place. I take her for walks in hand along the trail, she did
endurance in her youth [last ride at age 27] and enjoys getting out,
stopped riding her a few weeks ago but don't want her to think we
can't still enjoy trail walking. I'm hoping that if she repsonds to
the permax I can maybe ride her again on the trail. I felt like I
should stop riding and wait for the permax to start working as she
seemed uncomfortable and when I'd get on her her back would give, I
also think due to the change in topline her saddle doesn't fit well.
Anyway, that's where we're at right now. Hope I see a change for the



Hi, everyone,

Very basic question: What is the difference between permax and
cyproheptadine? Due to cost we want to consider all our options. Currently
Strider gets 20 cypro pills a day. Thanks!