Marvin stuff continued...

Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

I have known Marvin since he was 2 days old and he has always had a
great attitude towards life. Which made last winter all the scarier.
Since that bad episode, I have had Marvins shoes pulled and begun the
Strasser method of trimming his feet myself(with my farriers guidence)
He is now moving around the pasture with his buddies, and showing
good if not remarkable improvement.
As for what he eats, he will not eat very much grain. He will only
so much then return to his overly lush pasture (yum-yum!)
I have him eating a combination of Equine Sr. and and sweet feed,
about 2 lbs. twice a day. His supplements include Source Focus Sr.,
excellent vitamin supplement that has really boosted his immune
system. A biotin supplement to increase hoof growth to get rid of the
diseased horn faster. I have used several. Gen-a-Horse and a United
vet biotin as well. He is also on glucosiminn and chondroitin for his
arthritis. When he is having trouble with abscess pain I give him a
herbal supplement from Feedmark called Zero-bute. It really seems to
help alot. It takes longer to work than bute but is much better for
I hope I have not run on too long and bored anybody. I will contact
vet to see if MSU is accepting horses from out of state.
Thanks for listening,