Jeri Miller <tovero@...>

Hi everyone -

How does everyone get their vet to write you a prescription for either cypro or Permax? Mine won't - I tried. I think the exact quote was: "When you have an emergency, the pharmacy isn't going to come and treat your horse, but Dr. _______ will always be available."

Considering that I had spent over $2000 on treatment and medication since my gelding had been diagnosed, I wasn't too happy, but had to deal with it.

Anyone have any magic words I could use to convince them?

Thanks -

Jeri in PA
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Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

How frustrating Jeri!! Obviously they are making money on their drugs and
want to keep you as a customer. My first vet just called in a prescription
to a pharmacy (Athena) and I just have to call for refills for the next year
and they are mailed to me. Having to contact your vet just to fill a
prescription isn't very handy. Do they also charge you a barn call when you
need a refill? I'm going through a bottle monthly and that would really add
up fast! Can't think of too many 'nice' words to convince them... Well,
maybe first find out about a pharmacy that would fill the prescription for a
cheaper price and then ask them again with this information. Good luck!

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

I wish I had some magic words for your vet. My vet did not hesitate
when I asked for a prescription for cypro. I'm using the liquid
through Prescription Specialties. She did caution me about not
the quality but said that it was worth trying. She has also given me
Rx for Thyrol-L so I can get it through KV Vet. Maybe because I've
been with her for 19 years it makes a difference. However, she knows
that I will call her out even for routine things and not try to play
"doctor" so she's not losing too much by giving me prescriptions for
long term meds.