websites etc


Hi Robin!
I have some info for you:
- Some online pharmacies with good prices are:,,,, I don't know
if they all will work with vet scripts, but I originally went to my
own pharmacy (Eckerd's) who will work with my vet, and found their
online store less expensive. My vet has had other clients order
directly from the manufacturer in the past (for the Permax), but I
haven't contacted them yet, since I'm still on the first script.
- I'll send more Cornell info as soon as I can. I know that the staff
rotates so you may talk to different vets depending on when you call,
but that you can always talk to someone if you call the large animal
clinic. Last time I spoke to anyone (Mar./April) they didn't know of
any new Cushing's research at that time, but my local vet gave me a
specific name to call- a doctor whose lecture on Cushings she had
attended a year or two ago- for my horse's nutritional "challenges".
I will keep you posted as I find out more (I'm due to make another
call soon re my gelding).
- I like your idea about veterinary input on this site if possible-
I'll ask my vet if she has any suggestions. She would be a great help
but I know she would not have the time. But she's never steered me
wrong with advice or support! We are lucky in this area to have a
number of great vets, although not all have had the same experience
with Cushings. My heart goes out to the poor person whose vet
wouldn't hand out a script to be filled elsewhere. Maybe they could
work over the phone with a university clinic??

Thanks for your welcome and for your creation of this site.