Intro - new to group


I just discovered this group this evening. So happy to find other
horse owners dealing with Cushings. I am Lou and Jack is my
horse. He is a 24-year-old Appaloosa gelding. He has been diagnosed
with Cushings for about a year after displaying excessive hair. I
researched Cushings and consulted with my vet. Thanks to the good
information I found we started him on Permax (pergolide mystate sp?).
I confirmed the diagnosis and prescription through out local vet
school. He is doing well, but still sometimes needs a body clip. He
is showing some deterioration of his topline and this summer for the
first time looks like an old horse. He is also very arthritic and
has usually carried a good bit of weight. He is thinner now which is
a little better for his joints - but contributes to him looking like
an old fella. However, he's happy and I see him almost daily and he
gets his meds daily, so we are cooking along for now.

Thank you for this list. I wish I had had all this good information
when I started my research. Keep it up.

You can see my boy at - but most of those
photos are pre-Cushings. I'll try to get a more current one up

Thanks again - Lou and Jack