Need suggestions

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Hi everyone, Well we took my mare Star off of the bute she has been on
for 3 weeks (doctor's orders) and within two days she was limping again.
The vet thought it might just be imflammation and stress on the tendons.
She had done a nerve block and it got better therefore recommended
natural balance alum. shoes, a short trim, bute, and gave a chiro.
adjustment. Now I am a little depressed. The farrier says he saw no
signs of laminitis nor any abcesses and she was not tender during the
shoeing. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of a lameness before? She
doesn't stand stretched out and its only a slight limp when she's moving
but I am concerned because she is so stoic and rarely shows pain.
I am looking for any comments or suggestions. I had really hoped this
was beat. Sigh.
Chris in CA