Knowing what to do.


Sounds like Good news for the weekend, Linda! My mules understand the
need to be turned out, Sadie Mule will try to chew through any gate to get
there. I have luckily become quite an expert in crafting Pampers/Duct tape
boots that seem to withstand almost anything for one day, and that means that
the mules don't have to stay in, even if they have to have all 4 hooves
covered (which I do, believe it or not, for at least one week for both of
them after trimmings). I am not sure this helps, but the number of abscesses
seems to be decreased with this approach. Daisy Donkey, hypothyroid, not
Cushings, requires no such nonsense and would probably not tolerate it ----
take that back, she probably would allow it, if she realized it was to her
benefit. Thank Goodness, Pandora has come to accept soaking and dressings as
part of her life, and Sadie begrudgingly allows dressings after trimmings.
Makes sense to them! Kay, who has other things to do too, but first things
first and the mules come first


I usually have a talk with each new vet about how I feel about my
horses, their life and the end for them. I think for me anyway it's
best to do this in a non-emergencey situation. It's not being
I have one horse who had a fractured leg with 2 surgeries and also a
bone infection that required 8 days in intensive care and I have the
old one with cushings. My younger horse is very adaptable so from
past experience I know she can deal with stall rest, limited turnout
and many trips to clinics. The old one is a tough bird and would
around with almost anything and act like she's fine but she could
never do stall rest or limited turnout. I had the chiro out once for
her and he wanted me to leave her in a stall for a few hours after
adjustment, well after 15 minutes of watching the old gal go nuts
he said, put her out. Every vet that knows her has learned to never
suggest stall rest. She made one trip to the clinic and has not
been invited back,lol. I'm hoping she doesn't founder, it will be the
end for her, I know it will probably happen. So for both horses I've
talked to the new vet about them, the young one can tolerate vet
torture and the old one I'll do anything for as long as she can stay
outside. It's a hard thing but something I think us long time horse
owners know in the back of our minds at least what our horses can
with and what they can't.
On a positive note, I might be seeing things but my old mare seems to
be friskier today, maybe the weather, maybe the permax? We did a
little ground work through grids and over poles on the ground and she
was bending instead of being so stiff behind.