Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

I meant to tell you about the up and down really is the
hardest part to deal with, one day everything is great the next day is a
whole different story, on and on for years. I too think this disease
reminds me of what diabetics go through with the compromised foot
circulation and all.
I am keeping You, Majestad and Amiga in my thoughts. Keep your spirits up.

Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

Barbara and Kay, If it helps any, I too have been fighting this
disease for a long time. I did not even have a diagnosis until about a
year ago and I could not get a vet to help.
My buddy Marvin, who I have known since he was 2 days old, he's 25
now, has been going through all the ups and downs for a long time.
It took maybe 6 months to see any real improvement since staring the
Permax. And last winter was truely awful! I thought I was going to
have to put him down a couple of times. He has been abscessing in his
front feet almost constantly . I thought there was no hope.
But, Thanks to my current vet, and Marvins will to live, he IS
improving at last. I found a web site I've mentioned before about
treating chronic laminitis and founder. I learned that the abcsesses
are the bodies way of getting rid of dead tissue and is actually a
sign of healing. His hooves get better all the time and his weight and
coat are getting better too. Last winter he quit eating for a while.
He still looks terrible, not even close to the gleeming white horse
that I used to show, but for every 2 steps foreward now, its only
about 1/2 a step back. I am there with you, I spent last evening
crying in the barn. My Clancy horse foundered too (mildly) and is now
going through the abscessing. You are not alone in this.It helps to
talk about it, hope I have not talked too much.
Mary & Marvin

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Hello Kay in AK,
Your post about knowing that sometimes these things are not fixable
brought the tears that have been trying to break forth all day. I'm
new to this Cushings merry-go-round. In May I went from having an
older horse ready to make her debut in dressage to an intensive care
I'm so frustrated at not being able to make things right-isn't that
what we're supposed to do for our animals-keep them from hurting?
Amiga had been doing fairly well.She got a little sore from trimming 2
weeks ago but a few days of bute fixed her up. She was even cantering
in the field a little. Then yesterday she was dead lame again. I'm not
even sure it's in her feet-my vet is calling it general nerve pain. It
too reminds me of diabetes-my dad has good and bad days with his feet
due to nerve pain. Again, the bute is working, but I just didn't
expect her to bounce up and down like this.
On top of that she's stopped sweating ( I'm going to try One-AC) and
I can't clear up the sores on her ankles-probably due to her
compromised immune system. She was so perky looking 2 months ago and
now she looks rather beat up. Maybe I haven't given the cypro enough
time to work( it's been 1 month) Took blood today so hopefully will
know something in a week.
Sorry to have rambled on so-it helps to know there are many others
in the same boat. I guess what pushed me over the edge is that my
gelding Majestad ( Amiga's son) was just diagnosed with Lyme's disease
and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.(understatement of the year :-) )


Barbara, my candle will be lit for you tonight too, and for Amiga too. I
know how it is to feel overwhelmed and helpless at times. Just remember, if
you didn't love so much, you wouldn't be feeling this pain. Amiga can feel
your love. I just wanted you to know that we are thinking positive thoughts
for you and your crew! It is hard, feeling so helpless when you want so much
to help your trusting friends. You are not alone, remember, we all are in
your corner. Kay