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I also was interested in ABC's Cushings supplement but gave up as there
were too many hoops to jump through and combined with all the other
expenses it was just one more over the edge. I am glad to hear that the
supplement is effective! I use their free choice mineral system and am
very happy with it. My horses usually ignore five of the choices but
they absolutely crave the A and B mixes. I spoke with ABC and my vet
about this and we have reasoned about some regional differences in hay
that might cause this. I have also used other products of theirs and
love them!! If you don't have Pro-Bi on hand you should. Not to sound
like an advertisement but my old girl has always been prone to colic.
Haven't had a full blown case since I started keeping the Pro-Bi around.
Doesn't have to be refrigerated and you only give it when you see/hear
the first signs of colic or in a situation that might bring on a colic.
(I took it into the backcountry with me as my gelding was going to be on
pasture for the first time in his life and I wanted to avoid a colic
from eating too much!<g> It worked!) I think they have many good
products and they seem to be sincerely trying to find natural support
for Cushings. Plus they are a pleasure to deal with.
Chris in CA