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Help! How can I identify the possibility of an abscess? What signs
should I look for? The last time Star had one it was in the wall and
very visible. Now with this lameness I don't know what to think. Please,
anyone have any suggestions about what to look for?
To make it worse she is really mad at me for riding my other horse and
not her. I come to the barn and she immediately nickers to me but when I
go to pet her she turns and walks to the other side of the paddock,
turns her rear to me, and hangs her head. It's breaking my heart....
Chris in CA
(not having a good Cushings week....)

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Help! How can I identify the possibility of an abscess? What signs
should I look for?
Abscesses can be difficult to detect sometimes. I have gotten so I
know when Marvin has one(or more) just by the way he is standing.
He will shift his weight back and forth, point one toe ahead of the
other, or sometimes even hold the abscessed foot in the air. If it is
really bad, he will lay down and chew on the hoof that hurts.
Other than that, clean the hoof really well, wash it off if you have
to. Look for any red spots on the sole. This often is the way I can
see where they are. You may even need a hoof knife to clean the sole
up a little to find them. Dont go too deep!
I am not a big fan of cutting them unless they are very bad. I prefer
to soak the hoof in very warm water (as hot as you can stand it)and
apple cider vinegar. soak at least 20 minutes, twice a day if you can.
one of the easiest ways is to get a Davis poultice boot, slip it on
the foot and pour the water/vinegar mix in. Then you can leave the
boot on for an hour or more. Sometimes the skin will become irritated
by the vinegar, so it may be a good idea to rinse the skin after.
Hope I have been of some help.