Database additions...

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Hi all,
Well, I set up a table for drug suppliers and added the prescription
specialites number to it -- shoot, just occurred to me that perhaps I
should add an "approximate cost" to the table... anyhow, if you have
phone numbers, addresses, etc. for companies that have a Cushings
drug product at good price, that you think others may be interested
in, then please add it to the database. Its relatively simple, you
just click on database, then on "import" then you add the information
in the order shown and separated by commas... if you have any
troubles let me know. We can create tables for any other catagory of
information that you think would be useful also...

My best to you all, my thoughts with Sue and Darby...

Robin (list owner)
Desert Springs Sport Horses
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