treating founder

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

I know I may sound like a radical but the conventional methods of
treating founder do not work in the long run. They are only a temporary
"fix" before the next more radical treatment, also temporary, is needed.
I know this from experience, I currently have on my farm an 18 yr old
who has had navicular, ringbone and foundered at least twice. After
treating him myself with frequent proper barefoot trims and 24/7 turn
out, he is completely sound. He will start back into light work next
week after ten years as a lame horse.
I agree with Mary that you should read Gretchen's site - went the
conventional route with my founder horse for months without relief -was told
to consider cutting his tendons- then started following Strasser's methods
(including 24/7 turnout with padded SabreSneakers , and a soft bed to lie
down in when he wanted to) and made much improvement in the last 4 months-
he's not 100% yet but has gotten well enough to gallop around the pasture
when he's feeling frisky-something I thought I'd never see again.
Nora .