Thank You

rich goldy <rmgoldy@...>

I want to thank everybody for their kind words. It really has helped me
make it through this tough time.
The vet theorized that Marvin may have had a tumor in/on his colon which
may have caused the colic. No autopsy was performed, he and I had been
through enough. Cushing's disease is a terrible thing to deal with. You
never know from day to day what to expect. It can cause so many things
to go wrong in the body, colic and founder are just a few of things we
have to watch for. It makes horses old before their time.
Marvin was a truly special soul, with a heart of pure gold. he won the
hearts of everybody he met. His huge, expressive brown eyes and that
silly wiggly nose brightened my day whenever I felt blue. He was this
girls dream horse, the kind every girl deserves, but few are blessed
He will be missed everyday, from now until we meet again on the other
side of the rainbow bridge...
Mary G.