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Hi Makyla and all,

I've been lurking on the list recently in hopes of getting some background
on how owners are coping with Cushings'; as you correctly mentioned, I'm
planning to do a piece for Equus on management of the disease (just as soon
as I get a moment to tackle it!).

While I know you posted my article from The Horse on the list with the best
of intentions, it is actually a violation of my copyright to copy that
material and post it anywhere without my permission (and fair payment). I
make my living as a full-time freelance writer, and believe me, it's not an
extravagant living by any means, so I have to protect my copyright very
closely. It's not at all unheard of for articles to appear without
permission on lists like this and then end up being reprinted in magazines
all over the globe without the author ever knowing about it or receiving
any compensation! In this respect the Net is truly a mixed blessing -- it
makes it so much more difficult for me to control my intellectual material
and not be taken advantage of.

So please, people, respect the copyright notices posted on websites ... and
respect the author's hard work even if a copyright notice *isn't* posted.
Copying excerpts of 100 words or so is legal; copying and forwarding the
whole article is not (unless the author gives you permission first). I
would appreciate it if those of you who received copies of my article on
this list refrain from sending it on to anyone else. If you'd like to make
use of the material, please direct people to the website at which it is
posted with my permission -- www.thehorse.com (search on Cushings). I'm
happy that it's helpful, though please bear in mind it was written in 1997
and so is a little dated (it recommends the dex suppression test, for one,
which most vets now agree is not worth the risk).

I hope everyone doesn't think I'm being anal. Please put yourself in my
place and imagine if the work *you* did ended up passed on to everyone for
free. It's awfully hard to make a living that way.

Karen Briggs.
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