ACTH results back, no sign of winter laminitis, and hoof photos posted for markups

Judy and Bugsy

Hi all,

I got the ACTH results back and things look good as far as I can tell.  Vet just forwarded me the lab results and that was it.  Testing was done at U of Guelph and results were 6.4 pmol/L . Reference range is 2-10. I ended up getting a vet tech help me take the blood draw and then I drove the sample up to my vet. 

It's been a very cold start to winter here as temperatures have dipped to -25 c some days/nights.  Bugsy is blanketed and is wearing heaving shipping wraps and so far he has been walking very good and no sign of winter laminitis.  That would be fantastic if all I need to do is blanket him and put wraps on his legs.  We have about 8" of snow and he is not wearing hoof boots. I haven't been able to soak Bugsy's feet in ACV/water as often either due to this bloody cold, but it's warmed up a bit today, so I will be able to. 

Struggling with getting in the kind of exercise that he was getting prior to the cold.  I have access to an indoor arena but it's not heated/nor is the barn so I can't let him get sweaty as he'll never dry.  I purchased an animal blower/dryer but it doesn't heat up enough to do much good other than blow cold air at him. I'm thinking I may purchase a radiant heater and see if that helps if nothing else, it should help the blower/dryer heat up faster.  

I've posted updated hoof pictures so I'm hoping Lavinia has a chance to do mark ups on these.  Her expertise has been invaluable to get my boy feeling better and I definitely appreciate her advice along with everyone on this forum. 

Stay safe and warm everyone!


Judy and Bugsy

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Feb. 25, 2020