Advice on diet

Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

Hi, Being somewhat lacking in nutrition knowledge, I was hoping some
of you could help me on what best to feed my Cushingoid 25 yr. old
gelding. I have seen some mention of low carb diets being best, but am
not really sure what this includes or excludes.
Marvin is currently getting the following;

2lbs. Equine Senior grain twice a day (he will not eat more than that)
Focus Sr. vitamins
biotin supplement
magnesium, selinium and E supplement (our soils are very low in these)
grass hay in winter
good pasture 24/7
1 mg Permax

I am having trouble keeping weight on him right now and he has had
cushings induced founder as well.
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Muchly!
Mary G. & Marvin

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Mary - There is a website with some good info on diet and on Cushings. Dr.
Beth Valentine at Oregon State University vet school has done alot of
research on draft horses and diet as it relates to EPSM problems. She also
suggests that this diet is good for Cushings horses. It is a low carb diet
with alot of fat. The website is
and search on Cushings at the bottom. She mentions Purina Strategy and
several other people I've talked with really like that product.

I'm using Dr. Joyce Harman's ratio for grain (45% oats, 30% barley, 25%
corn) and ABC's supplements and free choice kit. My horse is looking great
right now, but it's all the level of permax (1.25gm) and thyroid
supplements. His coat is getting darker and is very shiny and he's actually
now looking slightly overweight - I've told them to cut down on his hay!
From looking at Dr. Valentine's articles again, I'm also going to add canola
oil to his diet.

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends