Any other alternatives to 4Cyte for joint health?

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Pilgrim is only 12 years old. He was ridden in a bad frame for consecutive years in foothills.   X-rays show that arthritic changes have happened already.  As a result he is needing injections in both stifles and hocks. We’ve done Irap for those injections.  I had been giving him Mov-Ease prior to injections  but he wasn’t getting enough relief  

Somebody  suggested 4Cyte to maintain the health of his joints  and to hopefully make the time span longer between injections  

I’m waiting for Insulin levels from Guelph sometime this week. His recent PPID is being controlled with 1 Prascend pill daily  

Any suggestions on prevention/maintenance to keep Pilgrim comfortable for the long term?


Trisha DePietro

Hi Suzanne. I was trying to answer your question, but your case history for Pilgrim was last completed in 2019...If you could please update your case history with his new ACTH, Insulin, glucose levels...that would be really helpful in answering your questions.  Also, your recent xrays would also be helpful to see exactly what you are dealing with....Mov Ease is a good one, but if your not getting relief...not sure what is in 4Cyte, is this made in Canada?
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Suzanne,

Is this the product you're asking about:

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Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Tricia,

Thanks for trying to help me out.  I have since updated Pilgrim's case history.  Mov-Ease was not doing anything for 
Pilgrim.  He has had IRAP joint injections in his hocks 2 times since 2019.  Any other supplements you would consider helpful?

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Lavinia,

Yes, that is the product I was talking about.  Any feedback about this product would be appreciated or any other valued supplement.  Mov-Ease was not doing the trick for Pilgrim.