Any pelleted feed out there with no extra iron added?


Hi all,'s been a while.....we are currently feeding Stabul1 horse feed as a carrier to our supplements.  Lately, some of the bags have had a lot of powder in them which our horses are leaving behind.  I'm wondering if there is any other pelleted feed that is safe for IR horses which do not contain any additional iron?  I live in MN so the LMF brand (I think that was the brand I read about in the safe feeds folder) is not available for us here.  Is there any other brands which would be safe?  Triple Crown?  Nutrena?  

Thank you!

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When you say there is a lot of powder left behind in the Stabul 1 bags, do you just mean crumbs/powder in the bottom of the bag?  That seems to happen with almost any feed, it seems to me.  I have used LMF quite a bit when we have had trouble getting Stabul 1, but I believe the iron in LMF is a little higher than Stabul 1.  Processed feeds pretty much always have some iron just from the machinery doing the processing I believe.

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I have been feeding Soyhull Pellets for years. They are not as tasty as the Stabul 1 pellets and they have no additional minerals/ingredients added to them for balancing. However, Soyhull pellets are a safe feed for IR horses and I pay about $7 per 50 lb bag. You have to do some searching by phone and word of mouth to find a mill that has soyhull pellets on hand. 

You need to locate a true feed mill (sometimes the term Elevator is in the mills name) that sell feed to farmers. They also may be making their own feed mixes for horse, goats, cows. The pellets is a common ingredient in feed mixes and may also be sold to farms by the ton. Mills that have soyhull pellets will fill bags for you and charge you by the pound.
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