Anyone have a good hay source in the Southwest?

Sharon Bice

Hi there!

Is there anyone in/from the southwest in this group—- maybe Arizona, Co or southern Utah or New Mexico has good, consistent horse hay that doesn’t need supplements to balance it.  If so, could you let me know? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with this!  (My horse was just diagnosed, possibly falsely so, with cushings and early stage laminitis. I will also get my case up here soon!)

Maybe all hay needs supplements - I am not sure of this? My horse may have cushings, but I know that I am looking for low sugar in general as well as balanced minerals. 

~My current hay is high in iron - the amount of iron relative to copper is rather high at 16.5 times high on average!

Thank you - Sharon & Tailight in New Mexico

Sharon Bice, New Mexico,  2020

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Sharon,

Sorry to hear about the new diagnosis, but you are in the right place.  If you can provide the data for the diagnosis in your Case History, we can help you evaluate whether or not it is a false positive.  Its unlikely to be falsely positive, but sometimes results are equivocal and not always clear.

As far as I know, all hay is deficient in zinc and copper.  However, even if not deficient in other elements -- like Ca, P, Fe, Mn, Mg -- often these elements are not present in the ideal ratio for the equine and excesses of some may block the absorption of other elements not present in as high of a quantity, creating a dietary or artificial deficiency.  I learned to balance minerals to my hay and feed my horse accordingly and I have no doubts it has helped with improving his health and his hoof growth.  I think it is one of the best things we can do for their health.  We have a list of balancers that will do this for you for a fee, as long as you can provide the hay analysis, or you can take Dr. Kellon's NRC Plus online course and learn to do it yourself.

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