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Hi all! 
I just came across this product and thought it may be an option for us Canadians who have a hard time sourcing APF.

Jen Dunbar, Hr. Main, NL. Canada 2018

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

You would need to know if there is sugar in the base. The licorice is not safe unless deglycyrrhized. It has ulcer soothing ingredients similar to GUT .
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I just contacted the company, and their reply was quick!.  I first asked if their products would help a Cushings horse thru the "veil".  I also asked about the flavorings (since no flavoring was listed on the product's packaging.  After seeing Dr Kellon's reply, I then asked about the licorice.  Here are their emailed answers.

All deglycyrrhized has been removed !! 

On Sat., Feb. 20, 2021, 5:56 p.m. Ronelle Dietsch, <rkdietsch@...> wrote:
Thank you for the quick response!  One more question.  Is the licorice deglycyrrhized?
- Ronelle Dietsch

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 8:59 AM Steve Binkley <greengoop4horses@...> wrote:
Hi yes this will definitely help your horse... the 2 flavor are peppermint and apple the flavor is in the chlorophyll  that's why it's not listed so no added chemicals or flavoring.
Hope this answers your questions.
If you have any other questions please let me know thanks 

On Sat., Feb. 20, 2021, 11:50 a.m. Advancedappetite, <notice@...> wrote:
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hope that's just a typo. The problem is glycyrrhizin and deglycyrrhized is the process to remove it!

What is the base liquid?  Maybe that's the aloe. Can't tell because there is no list of active and inactive ingredients. Ask about sugar or molasses. Better yet, ask for a full list of  ingredients.

There's no such thing as peppermint or apple chlorophyll. You can get sodium copper chlorophyllin (which is  semisynthetic, not natural) but not pure chlorophyll, and that may have flavors added.
Eleanor in PA 
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Ronelle. My experience reading labels is that the company who is purchasing the product- in this case it sounds like apple flavor and the peppermint flavor was added to the chlorophyll BEFORE the company who makes Green Goop purchased it. So, legally speaking, the Green Goop company did not add any of the flavors. So, they can say " no added sugars, or no added flavoring"....But that does not mean its safe. I was thinking about sending it to Equi- Analytical to get it tested to see whats really in it. I am not implying that this company is being deceitful. The company just doesn't realize how vigilent we must be in keeping out extra sugars and starches for our horses that are wicked sensitive....I agree with Dr.Kellon....more info is needed and it needs to be specific information. We aren't trying to recreate their product, we just need to know its safe....and that has to be determined by a complete list of ingredients. 
Trisha DePietro
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