Attn: Owners with horses on Invokana or Steglatro

Suzy Berkowitz

Scout was negative for ketones. 
Suzy in Fl 2020
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Joan Hornby

Ranger was negative for ketones, all was as it should be. It’s taken this long to get a sample 😂
Joan Hornby
UK North West
December 2020 

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Possibly. A few of the horses on Invokana have. It's not too surprising.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001
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Sheri and Peaches

I tested regularly during the 12 months that Peaches was on Steglatro and never found positive keotones.  (She was taken off of Steglatro in August 2022 for elevated GGT.)

Sheri P in IL 2021
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I’m late on this, but Flame has never had ketones in his urine dips. 
Beth & Flame dx 2013 & Diana dx 2020

NV Oct 2013

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