AZ Copper Complete


One of my horses has completely refused to touch the AZ Copper minerals I purchased - despite trying tiny bits of it with all sorts of flavors and treats. I have resigned and purchased another brand.
Horse Tech graciously refunded my cost for this almost full 13 lb bag.  I am willing to give it to someone who can use it for the cost of shipping. 
I also have three smaller sample bags of flavored AZ Copper.
October 2020, Mendocino County, CA

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If no other takers, I will gladly take your AZ Copper Complete. Let me know how you would like to handle. Thank you!
Susan C in Central AZ, July 2020


I kept noticing my mare wouldn't eat her morning grain (housing several supplements for IR) but she would eat the evening batch. The difference is the copper and zinc. So this morning I left those two off and she ate it. Reading your post, I bet it is the copper and maybe not the zinc. do we just leave it off the menu?
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

How big are the meals?  If not using pellets for copper and zinc, try that. Gradually working up to the full amount may work. Also try giving some with a dose syringe immediately before feeding and the remainder in the meal. Good flavorings to increase appeal and mask ingredients are either CocoSoya, 2 oz/meal, or Anise oil, start with 5 drops per pound and mix well.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

Frances C.

I've been using Ukele poly copper and zinc. I encapsulated the zinc as I use a larger quantity. Maybe you could try putting them in capsules.
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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