Barbara-you're right about glucose and insulin


As far as I know there's not dip stix test for insulin levels, just
for glucose, protien and ketones. I think that was my vets point
if a person only tests for glucose they aren't getting the whole
picture, and shouldn't adjust management based on that. My horse had
elevated glucose and insulin levels when she was first diagnosed, her
glucose has been normal the last 3 times it was checked. I had
originally thought I could manage her feed program better if I kept
track of blood sugars but it doesn't work that way with cushings
according to my vet.


As a retired RN who tested a LOT of blood in the newborn nursery over 25
years, I think one might become obsessed with testing and measuring. In
diabetes, or hypoglycemic newborns ( in my case) it is of course imperative,
but with the Cushings equine (my ladies are mules) I think it might be more
frustrating that effective. Just MHO! What do you all think? I have
decided to return to the extra oil in Pandora Mule's menu, however. Sadie
just can't have all those calories added, she is already too ummmmm, Shall we
say, "not fat, but fluffy?"
Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me, a puppy mill rescue
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