Barefoot and laminitis


My horse has been barefoot most of the 18 years I've had her, I'm a
fanatic about feet, she is out 24/7, never on bedding, has various
types of footing all day and walks around contantly. I used to do
endurance with her barefoot, the only time she had shoes on was when
we did alot of hunters over fences shows in stone dust arenas, I
the ring was harder on foot wear than natural footing. I firmly
believe that her barefoot living has prevented a host of problems
the years, not to mention living out in a group. I was lucky to have
a farrier that did the performance barefoot trim before it was called
that. I read Strassers book and have been over to the other web
sites, I trim mine inbetween the farrier but like to have a farrier
check my work and evaluate any hoof problems I may be missing, 12
years ago my husband apprenticed with a farrier for 2 years to learn
how to trim. Both my horses are barefoot and have been on all kinds
of footing and never lame from a foot problem, not even an abcess,
they have great feet, I trim them every week or 2 depending on how
they look, farrier about every 8-10 weeks, I'm worried if my horse
founders inspite of all this there might not be alot to fall back on,
on the other hand she might not founder as easily due to the way she