Barefoot trimming


Hey, thanks, Mary. We trimmed Pandora a few years ago when we just could not
get a farrier. Ours hurt his back and there were NONE with openings. We
were not very good at the job, but at least we kept her out of trouble till
we got someone. I will check this out because as they say about the NY
Lottery, "Hey, You Never Know!" Kay in NY

Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

For those of you who are interested, I have posted a link with
a Barefoot trimming method based on Dr.Hiltrud Strassers method.
Anyone can learn to do this trim, I have degenerative arthritis and a
questionable back and I can effectivly trim my 3 big brutes. This trim
should be maintained by frequent trimming. I do my guys once to three
times a week depending on the individual. Once the basic trim is
established it takes only minutes to do the maintainence trims.
Please note that this trim is for sound horses. If your horse has
problems like founder, laminitis and navicular, please refer to the
"Treating founder without horseshoes" link.

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