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Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately, this is the hay I have to feed for the next year.

I am on pins and needles waiting for his next appointment on Sept 29th.

I am very concerned about his situation especially as a 3 year old. As everyone knows it is a day to day management issue and one never knows what is around the corner.

I feel like I’m walking a thin line and it’s overwhelming at times.

Thank you for this site.


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Kirsten Rasmussen

It will get easier once you figure him out, Stacey.  Seeing what his bloodwork looks like this fall should help.  Getting his BCS down to a 4.5/9 should help.  And once he's sound/recovered, he's a horse that will need regular heart-pounding exercise, which is the best way to control insulin.  Ideally, daily trotting, hill work (I know you have hills!), etc.  If you have an ATV, then you can train him to pony from it.  There are also new drugs to help with the most intractable cases so the future is not bleak.

I have yet to find hay grown in our area below 10%, but I know others have.  My fingers are crossed that this year's hay I have coming from Smithers tests at 7%, because any higher than that and I have to soak it too.  I soaked all thru winter of 2020 and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be...I just got tired of everything being wet all the time...but it was thankfully a mild winter, except for a couple weeks.

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