Belly lifts

Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hay, Kay, I know what you mean about that look your Pandora gave you!
Now Star just kicks as if at a fly instead of lifing her belly. "Get
away from me you pest!" Ah well, we'll keep trying until we get some
satisfactory results. Makyla, I did have someone with TTT training show
me- Star wouldn't lift for her either! Next I am going to wear a white
coat and carry a big syringe in my hand since she lifts immediately for
the vet!! LOL I tell you what- my shoulders and arms are going to be in
shape for doing HER belly lifts! <G>
Lets keep up to date on anything that works, OK folks? :-)
Chris in So. Cal.
(Big Bear Lake to be exact)

PS- Bob Griswold- are you on this list?