Best Prascend dose for 770lb horse


I have an Icelandic horse that will be starting Prascend this week (when it arrives in the mail). She's probably had PPID for several years. She tested positive in March of 2019, ACTH baseline was 95.6 pg/mL. She was tested again May 2021, with ACTH baseline now at 341 pg/mL.

Over the last few years she's stopped shedding her hair coat, and requires frequent clipping. She's also become more lethargic in the past year, which is why I am wanting to try the medication. She's about 770 lbs. I'd love any advice on getting her started on the meds. Thanks!

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

You  could try just starting her at 1 mg/day. If you  have side effects like not eating, drop down to half that for a while.
Eleanor in PA 
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