Best Slow Feeders for Pasture?


Hi Everyone, I am looking for recommendations for slow feeders to be used out in the pasture? I've used Hay Pillows and love them, but they're not holding up as well as I'd like, so I'm looking for other recommendations. Thank you!
Becky R in WI 2022

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Sherry Morse

Hi Becky,

If you become a member of the Horsekeeping subgroup ( | Homeyou may find a number of answers for you on this topic.  Alternately, doing a search of "slow feed" in the message archives may provide you some results as well.

Maxine McArthur

Becky, we use heavy tire feeders with holes drilled in the bottom. We thread the haynet (just the small mesh string nets) string through the holes and tie underneath. Saves hay being wasted plus we can move the feeders around relatively easily. And they’re not expensive. I’ll take a photo and pop it in my album. 
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I use a Hay Pillow and just re-tie the square openings that rip using parachute cord. The net part is the only place that has ripped. I also rely on Tough-1 slow feeder hay bags that I hang on the pasture fence or dangle them from tree branches. They have 2” openings so they aren’t super slow feeders but I just don’t fill them up the minute they’re empty.
Susan H TX 2021

Dorothy Marsh

I have used a number of different hay nets. I found one more recently called “gutzbuster” (hope I spelled their brand name correctly). They have ones without knots that are very heavy duty string.  The reason why I tried them in the first place was that I was looking for a very small hole and I didn’t want knots. They sold a three-quarter inch hole net that seems to work very well with my small pony who is so good at eating from a hay net. They are really quite nice and I believe they should hold up to heavy use. 
Dorothy Marsh, NY, USA. 2022

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Becky,

I love hay net talk, too, but this belongs in our Horsekeeping subgroup as it is not specific to the management of EMS/PPID horses.  As Sherry said, you'll find LOTS of info there on it already.

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