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Hay analysis for both hays is in my files...

Received my new hay a bit back, still had about 20 bales of last year hay. ESC+Starch of old hay is 8.7%. ESC+starch of this year's hay is 11.1%... which should be fine for my boy but in an excess of caution ... Using the old hay up without mixing in the new would get me into late August the question is:

Would it be better to mix old and new hay through the seasonal rise - if I mix them I should get through part of October - or just use up the old then start the new? In other words, is the amount of sugar/starch in the hay more critical during the seasonal rise?
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Kirsten Rasmussen

With a PPID horse you can see problems during the seasonal rise if the PPID is not carefully controlled, yes, so you could mix the hays.  If you can make the mix stretch until late November that would be better.  But there's not a big difference in sugar and starch between the mixed hay and the new hay (~1%) so it's not that big of a deal.  If you do see any problems,  you could soak it through the rise.

I see all of your recent ACTH tests are in the spring and the numbers look good.  But it would be a good idea to check ACTH in the fall if possible, to make sure your dose of pergolide is keeping it down, since that's the critical time.  Usually we advise checking in late summer so you have time to increase the dose if you need to, then if possible checking again at the peak of the rise.

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