BET labs helpful

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

I just got finished speaking with a gentleman named George at BET
labs. We were going over the blood work for both Amiga and Majestad.
Essentially he said that there really shouldn't be a difference in
what is considered normal from one breed to another.
He did say that many things will affect the insulin level-
fasting, pain, stress. But that the cortisol rhythm is a fairly
accurate assessment. Amiga's is 32% which he said meant the cypro was
working. Majestad's was 7% which is not good at all. I mentioned that
he really had no symptoms and George's response was that it might
take 4 or 5 years before the overt symptoms show up. So I guess it
was lucky that I tested him so that we can begin treatment now and
hopefully prevent it from getting worse-at least for a long time.
I've heard that the cypro and permax only seem to help for a few
years. Does anyone have a horse that's been on the meds for a long
time with positive results?
I am so thankful for this board. I'm not much of a web surfer and
it was due to someone on Dressage UnLimited that I not only found out
about the liquid meds but also this group. It seems like these days
we need to be actively involved in the health of our pets ( and
ourselves!) This group has given me the push to ask questions and do
research and not just sit back passively.
For those of you using liquid and are having trouble measuring
without wasting one expensive drop-I found a neat gizmo in the
pharmacy section today. It looks like a tiny rubber funnel. You put
it in the bottle, insert the syringe, turn the bottle upside down and
draw out the waste.