Bleeding from frog


Hi. I have an 18 year old ex brood mare with controlled Cushings. As the farrier began brushing her frog, her foot poured with blood. This was a few days ago. He said it was nothing to worry about and I didn't actually see what happened but my daughter did. There was great deal of blood. He said she didn't need a vet. We packed her foot and put her boots on. We have dressed it daily and today she is not able to walk to the paddock. We have contacted the vet but can't get through so thought I would see if anyone can throw any light on this.Thanks

Sherry Morse

Hi Carolann,

With no pictures and no idea what else is going on with this mare I think having a vet check her is the best option right now.  When you have a moment can we ask you to please set up an auto-signature for your messages? To do that:

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Hi, Carol Ann, and so happy to see you have joined the Outreach group!

This is a tough one, as "a great deal of blood" means different things in different circumstances. Also, just brushing the frog should not result in blood, or in the sero-sanguinous (bloody fluid but not just blood) from an abscess, unless the abscess was just ready to exit that spot. In any case, this needs input from the vet, and I am sorry that it is Easter, and COVID, and that getting the vet out might be difficult.

I would still go with my comments on FaceBook, that my first concern would not be a bleeding disorder (since the bottom of the hoof is an odd place for that to show up); but a vet visit is definitely indicated - especially since she is now so lame she can't walk. Radiographs are also definitely indicated here. 

What a rotten thing to have happen! I don't want to diss your farrier, but I do think he should have suggested a vet visit. 

Hang in there. 

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