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Good morning everyone thank you for all the help I’ve already received I read in the files that the blood test should not be done after fasting.
Now I am confused because the protocols that we received from the lab were to remove hay for six hours. we took a fasting sample then we administered glucose syrup.
A sample was taken at 60 minutes and at 75 minutes.
how often does the blood work need to be redone and how would it be done without the fasting is there a protocol to follow listed anywhere on this group?
i’m still having a little bit of trouble navigating all the files thank you so far for all your help!

Christine and Chanceler
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD


The fasting is only for the glucose challenge test that you did. For a baseline insulin, feed only known safe hay or soaked hay the night before and day of testing, hay available at all times. You may want to start reading at .
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