Boots for Magic--finally

Ed Allen

Looking at every site I could find on soft boots and trying recommendations from the group, SmartPak suggested I call Easy Care and speak to one their representatives. They even looked up the phone number for me. 800-447-8836. Jordan asked for photos of Magic's feet.  Fortunately, I had these with a tape measure on the sole of the foot, and also side and front views.  Jordon recommended Clouds, size 6 for the right or good foot and size 5 for the sore foot. She said if I had any problems with the boots to call her back.

I ordered these from SmartPak as they have a 60 day full money back refund with free return shipping if the boots don't work.  I just wish I had opted for the quicker shipping offer.

Thanks again to everyone for you input.  While speaking to the SmartPak rep during my order she mentioned having difficulties with her horse.  I referred her to ECIR. While we were speaking she quickly looked up ECIR and thanked me over and over again.  I suggested she thank ECIR.  It felt REALLY good to be able to refer this person to your group for help.

Jocelyn Allen

Bozeman, Montana

July 17, 2022