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LJ Friedman

Knowing how cabergoline is a relatively new drug for ppid horses, I’m thinking a downward dose is to be considered when the rise has lowered enough. BET didnt have much choice to whether i should extend dose from every 10 days  to reach every 14 days , or reduce the current dose of 2.5 ml down to a lower dose. Im thinking that 1 ml every 14 days is not going to be achievable. I am all for saving money, but to what end?
Might a combo plan of  2 ml every 12 days work?  I believe dr kellon wants 10 days to remain and just reduce the dose.  Thinking my genius idea of every 12 days at 2 ml is genius.  Lol of course.  Any recent experiences to show a successful strategy?  Thanks     Jesse continues to do well on invokana.  Again, so grateful for the invokana plan.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The reason for the 10 day interval is that is the longest interval for which we have data of a sustained effect - and even that is a relatively small number of horses. Jesse wasn't well controlled at 14 days. The last thing you want is for his hormone levels to be yo-yoing because they are rising again at the end of 12 days. If you want to try it you will need to test ACTH at 10 days and again at 12 days right before his next injection and will also need to repeat that in July or August when the rise is starting.
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