Chicy's baby had Low IGG


Pepto had low IGG of 400 and needed an infusion. At 12 hours old it was only 400.  The infusion brought him up to 2000 which is very good. Chicy did not have strong colostrum for some reason snd vet said without infusion may not survive. They are now released to come home Saturday. Pictures posted in photo album of his first turn out where he ran fast and show his energy and athletic ability. 

It's been a hard road of founder and PPID but we made it thanks to this group and my dear friend Kim Leitch.  My humble thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dr Kellon, Lavinia and everyone who encouraged, advised and cheered me on to allow this precious little one in my life and for Chicy to enjoy being a attentive mom.  I promise not to bombard you with cuteness pictures. His name is Pepto Dun Olena. Will call him Pep for short. 

Janet and Chicy
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Oh Janet, so glad they're doing well.   Beautiful Mama and darling, handsome boy.
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Bobbie Day

Doc Olena line?
He is so stinking cute, I love baby pictures. And those legs!
He’s going to be a looker for sure ❤️

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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

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What a journey you’ve all had! I’m so glad to hear they’ll be home soon, and I’m looking forward to a lot more photos.

Lesley and over the bridge Omar,
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Congratulations!  What a beautiful baby!  
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Congratulations! Love those baby pics! 
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So pleased to hear Chicy’s good news- baby & Mum well. Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous photos of them both

March 2021