Chopped forage Guaranteed Low S/S

Nicole Sicely

Does anyone know if there is a company who makes chopped (not cubed) forage that is guaranteed low S/S. 

I know TC Safe Starch is not guaranteed and have seen it test really high before. So I was wondering if there was a company that does guarantee it.

I apologize if this has been covered before. I did a brief search but did not come up with anything.

Nicole in VT

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Nicole,

In western Canada we have a place that tests then chops and blends hays for specific nutrient profiles, then rebales the mixed hay into compressed bales that take up about 1/3 the space, and then they retest the final product.  It's probably too far away for you to consider, but for the benefit of other members it's called Transfeeder / Highbred Horse Hay.  Their "Diet" blend this year tested about 6% s+s by NIR but is quite stemmy/overmature (high ADF/NDF), probably because of the drought this year.  In the past their "Diet" blend has been lovely hay.  They also have other hay blends that test higher but still below 10% s+s, by NIR.  If you email them you can request their test results but keep in mind that NIR can underestimate s+s by 20-30%, so a 6% hay could really be as high as 9%.  I bought the Diet (6%) and Gentle (9.1%) blends to mix together and will be submitting samples for wet chem analysis this month.

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