Cold snap - winter laminitis prevention?

Emma & Tater

We are about to head into a string of 20° days and 10° nights. I am a bit concerned about Tater potentially relapsing due to “winter laminitis” / poor circulation. He lives outside with a shelter, will be blanketed, and will have a little extra hay but has anyone wrapped legs with loose standing wraps for cold temps like this? His second attack started on 10/19/22 and he is walking comfortably now without pain meds.
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Bobbie Day

Emma the recommendations are to put socks inside boots for extra warmth and fleece lined wraps. Just be sure you put some powder ( I used gold bond) in the boot and change regularly to make sure there’s no rubs.
I also used wool batting in my horses boots, it helped absorb sweat and kept her warm.
You always do a search in the messages. Lots of discussions about this topic.
Its a good idea when temps dip below 50 deg if your horse is sensitive to cold.


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Nancy C

Hi Emma

In addition to the archives for practical ideas, Dr K's proceeding from 2015 is informative.

Download is free.
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Emma. I use standing polo fleece wraps over a  cotton batting early fall and then as the temps stay low I switch to flannel underneath the fleece polo wraps. I don't wrap tight, just enought to keep it from sliding down, definitely not as tight as support wraps. This year I am adding the wools socks...trying to find some on sale....:)  But I found a wool saddle pad that I will be cutting out to cover the bottom of the hoof in the boot...
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Just a reminder that lined shipping wraps are the safest option for anyone not experienced with wrapping legs. Add to that hooves with a wool sock over them before placing into boots.

 You can sometimes find really good pricing on shipping wraps on eBay.
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Jean Hurrle

I would use wool or fleece;  nothing cotton or some synthetics which will make the effect of cold conditions worse:

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Joy V

*Wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Kellon re EBAY/shipping boots.  I got 2 full sets of shipping boots for less than $40 each.  Definitely look there.

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Lesley Bludworth

Any recomendation for where to purchase wool socks that fit a horse?
Does just a large man size work?
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Depends on the size of the horse/hooves. Men's large/x-large tube sock-type ones work for many horses.

Try places like Walmart, Amazon.

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