Yes repeated colic in a horse that had never coliced before was one of the earliest symptoms with my mare. For her I just needed to get the right diet balance to eliminate the colics. It is so hard when you have a horse with that grossly overweight looking pot belly that you don't want to feed a lot too but yet still provide the fiber they need. I also had the complication that my mare stopped eating hay completely (and her teeth are fine). And hay pellets just didn't seem to keep her system going - her manure was just tiny rock hard balls that kept getting impacted. After trying about thirty different hay growers I finally tried straight alfalfa and that she will eat and her manure is back to looking normal. So now she gets four flakes of alfalfa and two pounds of Purina strategy a day and is colic free (and has been for the past year). And is founder free. I agonized over giving her the alfalfa thinking it would make her founder but so far so good.