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I sure hope he's doing ok.
We have one colic-prone horse (not Cushings-seems to have started when he
almost bled to death one evening 2 years ago after lacerating an artery on
his front leg - emergency surgery with ICU , blood transfusions , big time
antibiotics, etc. -had major bowel upset during his recovery)
The things we have found that helped the most (knock on wood as we wait for
the weather to change):
24/7 access to free choice grass hay - keeps things moving inside-and he's
never "hungry" which upsets any horses stomach - they are grazers.
Cut way back on alfalfa (gets maybe 1-2 lb/day as a treat)
Put him (and everyone) on "ABC Plus" supplement (supposed to lessen colic)
Give him a dose of "Pro-Bi" from ABC anytime he looks "off"- seems to nip it
in the bud...has peppermint in it to lessen bowel spasms , as well as
probiotic stuff to encourage the good bacteria and suppress the bad.
(We had one actual colic that we "treated" with the Pro-bi alone (was just
getting ready to call the Vet when he turned around).
He has had way fewer "episodes" since we changed our routine to the above
about 6 months ago (used to be one every 2 weeks or so ...none now for
several months ).
Hope this helps for the future.


He was fed at 4pm and had eaten his Equine Senior and most of his
alfalfa. The vet on emergency call was just driving in the driveway (he
lives behind our barn) when my friend was walking out to get the phone,
so I got help to Jack right away.