Colic update

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Thank you to everyone who answered my plea for help! Special thanks to
Dr. Belinda for the reassuring words!! I am happy to report that Star is
fine. I started her on probiotics as soon as I found her eating. I was
hesitant to use the mineral oil because I didn't want to interfere with
her meds absorption but figured the corn oil might help grease the
wheels anyway. The gurgling belly scared me because she has colic'd
twice before with this kind of indigestion. BUT she is fine. Everything
is moving normally, her attitude is bright, her appetite is good, and
there is no heat in her feet!! Yippee. Vet is coming anyway on Monday
for her regular checkup. BTW, the other horses are fine too. The filly
has no lasting damage from her jumping episode (except a tendency to eye
the fence with a critical look when I lock her in to her paddock- might
have to raise the bar so to speak!). My geldings eyes are clearing up
with a boric acid wash. Things are, thank heavens, returning to some
semblance of normal!!
Thanks again for everyones help! I was so worried.
Chris in CA


Whew!!! Star, you had us worried! So glad everything "went so well!"
Plumbing is important, in houses AND in horses! Great News!

Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
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