Compounded Pergolide instead of Prascend


Hi Jennifer,

To answer your specific question, Prascend and compounded pergolide are exactly the same, with the exception of the packaging.  Prascend is packaged to have a long shelf life while compounded pergolide does not have that added protection.  A single Prascend is equivalent to approximately 1.3 mg of compounded pergolide.

While we don’t recommend ‘liquid’ pergolide here, I haven’t had any issues using pergolide in oil.  Before Prascend was available, that’s what I used.  You can get it from Pet Health Pharmacy in a flavored oil in most any concentration.  If you were to purchase that, you could draw up your pergolide into individual syringes and have them available so your pet sitter could give one each day.  I would hesitate to dissolve Prascend in water for more than a few days.

I used a 5ml syringe and planned my concentration so that the needed amount was 1-3 ml.

If there’s other information you were looking for, just let us know.

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you said you use a combination of pergoide and the compound? Can you tell me about what you do? I was thinking about doing the same thing as I cannot afford 2 mg a day for my horse. Thank you!
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