Compounding pharmacies

Donna Powell

Its been a few years since I last was here. I am in need of the list of compounding pharmacies and if anyone would like to chime in with their favorite.
Thank you,

Donna 5/2011


Beaufort, SC


Sherry Morse

Starshine Ranch

Hi Donna,
I'm on the west coast so maybe not a lot of help but I was using Avrio in AZ and their service was just fine.  But I switched to Precision Pharmacy in Los Angeles because I was able to negotiate a better price... even tho I have to pay sales tax now.  Their shipping is free (not sure if that covers the entire country) and they ship with a coolant in hot weather for free.  Avrio  (480) 270-6700    Precision  (661) 377-3333    Hope this helps.
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