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Frances C

Digest # 1667 Sherry states that "PPID can have an effect on connective tissue" Can this be explored further?  Phoenix was diagnosed by clinical exam to have DSLD. This was later confirmed by another vet - an expert on DSLD - sometime in 2018.. Later with another vet, he diagnosed her as having "scar tissue". Of course I know she has arthritis in a knee and hock. She exhibits a creeping gait - that is the best way I have of describing how she moves now. No pain meds. seem to free up her movements. For months now I have been wondering if her symptoms are really DSLD (she doesn't know where her back feet are) or due to PPID. Is there also a connection between PPID and DSLD?
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Tendons and ligaments are connective tissue and yes there is an association between unexplained breakdowns/injuries and PPID.  If the PPID is not controlled, it will  not heal - making it essentially DSLD. The difference is, once the PPID is truly controlled, they will improve. See:

It is associated with the catabolic effect PPID has on protein in general (tendons and ligaments are protein).
Eleanor in PA 
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