Connie and Sundance

Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hi Connie, We are with you! This is the most frustrating illness because
nothing is set in concrete. Be very very glad that you found a vet who
would at least read these posts and work with BET. That in itself is
quite wonderful. I am not as experienced as some on this list but if it
was me I would do the Thyrol for a couple of months first to see what
happens. My vet recommended that for us years ago before a real
diagnosis of my mare. He said "let's rule out the easy things to treat
first before we tackle the hard ones". I was thankful for his advice but
not for the way he put it! <G>
Good luck- it sounds to me like your horses are lucky to have you!!
Chris in CA
(PS- where are you? it sounds gorgeous!)