corn oil alternative


I add so much stuff to my poor mules' feed that they have a hard time finding
the "real thing." I mean, what with, let me see -- Biotin, Min-a-Vites
(would remind you of an old "I Love Lucy"rerun, if anyone here is that old,
probably I am alone in this memory), ThyroL, a little salt, or salt
substitute, a few teaspoons of bran, their liquid cyproheptadine, cut up
carrots, a little bit of oats and sweet feed, only a tablespoon of each for
Daisy Mae Donkey -- you would understand if you could see that mini. She is
about 36" high and 36" wide, I do believe. So tonight I restarted Pandora,
"Skinny Mule," on the oil and she scarfed it up. Only about 1/4 cupor so.
Sadie is taking 12 sulfa pills bid too, along with all this other stuff (2
more days but who's counting besides Sadie and I?) She just had an abscess
on her LH hoof pared out this Tues. She is sporting a pamper/duct tape boot
and still favoring that hoof. At least with the cooler summer weather here
in NY, the bugs seem to be less numerous. Soon we will hit October, the best
month of all for us. Beautiful to behold and almost NO bugs! I am still
wishing my life away, it seems. Did it with my kids, now with my mules, just
waiting for the best weather for them, every year. Pandora's skin is all
dried up and scabby, hopefully the oil will help her a little with the dry
skin thing too. Oh, and not to forget, I give them an alfalfa pill now and
then to offset the bran -- read that was a good idea somewhere. They love
it. I ask, "Do you want an ALFALFA PILL?" and they all head for me. Then I
say, "You have to chew it!" They screw their mule (and donkey) faces up and
chew away, so I can hear it. Dumb animals? I don't think so! Nutsy me?
Probably, but what else would I rather be doing than running a nursing home
for them and my dogs? NOTHING!
Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
If the eyes had no tears, the soul would have no rainbow.
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Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

When I had to put weight on my oldster I needed something other
than corn oil because I would set up the horses' meals ahead of time.
Linda mentioned rice bran-that's what I used. It's in a powdered form
and I just sprinkled it on his feed, starting with just a little and
working up to a cup. You have to be sure to get rice bran that's
stabilized-that keeps it from spoiling. I had very good luck with it
and Mr. Picky Eater didn't turn up his nose at it!