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Has anyone (in Canada) used the Create Compounding pharmacy ( to get Pergolide? Prascend from my vet is quite expensive, but I worry if this compounding pharmacy's Pergolide is as effective as the Prascend brand.
Helene A. in BC 2021
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Kirsten Rasmussen

We have always recommended Island Pharmacy.  Kathleen at the Shawnigan Lake location is the go to person there.  She can answer any questions you might have.  They do 3rd party stability testing regularly, and we've never seen problems with them.

However, if you'd like to have Creative Compounding included in our assessment if pharmacies, you can call them to ask about compounded pergolide, and send us the head pharmacist contact info.  I believe we will send them a questionnaire so we can determine if they follow the practices we want to see in terms of maintaining pergolide potency and conducting 3rd party testing.

Kirsten and Shaku (EMS + PPID) and Snickers (EMS) - 2019
Kitimat, BC, Canada
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Lorna Cane

Hi Helene,

Many of us use Island Pharmacy.They are very reliable, and pleasant  to deal with.
Ask for Kathryn or Anna.

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Lorna in Eastern Ontario