Cushings and attitude

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

Linda wrote:
I just started my horse on permax and am wondering typically how long
will it take to see any change and usually what type of change will I
see? ...I'm hoping i see a change in her
attitude, she's been depressed lately.
and Lou and Jack wrote:
I confirmed the diagnosis and prescription through out local vet
school. He is doing well, but still sometimes needs a body clip. He
is showing some deterioration of his topline and this summer for the
first time looks like an old horse. He is also very arthritic and
has usually carried a good bit of weight.
Hi Linda and Lou and Jack,

We had Jazz on Permax for several months and didn't see a whole lot of
improvement in attitude(depressed).He also wasn't completely shedding out
his winter coat - had patches of long hair - Our Vet didn't believe in
Thyroid meds for Cushings horses (his thyroid level was "low normal")-
suggested we might have to increase the permax (he was on 1 mg/day), but
after reading several things on the net , I insisted we do bloodwork with
BET labs (he wasn't sure about their methods),and when they came back low on
T4 , we started him on thyro-l.(the cortisol variance was normal , and they
said he did NOT need more Permax)
The improvement was DRAMATIC ! Within just a few days he was much less
depressed and withdrawn , appetite improved , more interested in his
surroundings. - he finally began to shed out and get a sleek summer coat.
He had lost allot of weight and muscle tone with the Cushings and Founder
(no...he was never overweight , never cresty ! -this is another fallacy that
all hypothyroid horses look like this). He has actually GAINED weight back
and gained muscle tone .I don't know why this is just is.
I also have had him on the ABC brand supplements/free choice minerals since
March and just recently have also been put on their "Cushings Supplement" by
their "Cushings support tech" Alice. I think he's even better since on that
also. Actually he looks better now than he has in a long time.
The free choice mineral thing (he has 8 to choose from) was new to me...hard
idea to get used to but it seems to work. He consumed allot of the
"R.C.mineral mix" for about a month , then seemed to finally be
"replenished" and now consumes much less.
I think there's a whole lot more to "Cushings" than the Veterinary community
knows - Allot of it is getting "put together" because of exchange of
experiences on the internet.
I also put him on a "low soluble carbohydrate" diet , which I think also
helps (one cup corn oil on his hay , Purina Strategy (low carb/hi
protein)-1quart/day with his meds/supplements -free choice grass hay -
*small* amount of alfalfa to round out some minerals.
We also pulled his "backward shoes"(weren't working) in March and began
frequent "barefoot founder trims", which helped tremendously.
Well , this is probably more than you wanted to know -
But if she doesn't improve with Permax alone -check levels with BET labs -
and try the Thyroid. (and look into nutraceuticals - they help - several
manufacturers - I think they all get at the problem in a similar fashion ).