Cushings and Laminitis

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My old cushings horse would rather be dead than go in
stall, the handful of times in 18 years she could not be in a pasture
with a buddy she went nuts. If this horse foundered badly I would
her down rather than have her go through the pain, isolation and
limitations of living with laminitis.
If you look at Gretchen F.'s Laminitis Site or read Dr. Strasser's books you
will see that isolation and stall rest is NOT what she feels is best , even
in acute laminitis - 24/7 turnout "in the company of peers" , with a soft
place to rest "if they want to" ,cover to go under "if they want to" and a
proper *frequent* barefoot trim is the backbone of her therapy. -
Having gone the solitary confinement routine along with all the conventional
therapies for 4 months(which failed to help the laminitis),my poor gelding
was so depressed it broke my heart...finally came upon Strasser's method ,
and it saved him from being put down or cutting his tendons.
He's not 100%, but he's happy , eats well ,gets around with minimal
discomfort, socializes with the other horses,tries to bite the mare's butt
:-),etc. - happy to be here.
Yes -we had him on Permax , and ,after BET testing, on Thyro-l(this made an
incredible difference in his attitute) - We have retested to make sure
things were in control - We have recently started him on Chromium
supplementation (at BET's suggestion) because his insulin levels are
rising.They say they have seen good responses.
Interestingly enough , even though his cortisol levels were not high , his
"variance" was lower than when he was at his worst - the Doc at BET said he
would NOT up his meds now if he is clinically doing well because "they all
become refractory after a while" and you need to add more Permax , or Cypro
or anapryl. He is only 17 years old so I don't want to use up all my cards.
One thing he said also was that some horses do better if the Permax dose is
split and given Twice/day instead of once - he said he would try this before
upping the dose.
He is also on the ABC "regime" including their "Cushing's Supplement" .I do
believe these have helped .
Anyway...what I started to say was - the fact that this mare moves around
allot may be why she has not had any laminitic problems.
PS - a long time ago I asked if anyone knew how to get the meds from Mexico
- they are supposedly 1/3 to 1/2 the cost there !! but no one I know has any


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<< some horses do better if the Permax dose is
split and given Twice/day instead of once >>

This seems to have helped Strider, although she is on Cypro. We tried this
after a bad spell earlier this summer and I believe it has helped.

:-) Ann