Cushings and youth

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Has anyone had experience with Cushing's syndrome in a teenage
horse? My gelding, Majestad, (Amiga's son) is 12 and we're beginning
to think he may also have Cushings. Since he's an Andalusian I've
always been told that they get fat on air ( like old-style Morgans)
and we've always battled keeping his weight down. But now that I have
his mother here for comparison, he has the same type of lumpy fat
pockets that she does-even though his weight is at an all time low.
His T4 usually comes back normal to low normal-but that's been only
a one time blood draw. My vet will be out July 7 to do the BET test
for Amiga and I think I'll have her do Majestad as well. In the
meantime we're waiting for test results on selenium, Lyme's as well
a complete blood chemistry. His symptoms,aside from the fatty
deposits, have been a lack of energy,mane falling out,puffiness in
hollows over his eyes and an "offness". Not really lame-just not
moving like his usual self. This has been going on since mid-May.
Is 12 too young to get this disease?

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Hi Barbara - I can't speak to the question about how young Cushings has been
diagnosed in a horse, but wanted to give you some feedback about my horse's
experience with supplements and 'offness'. He's 20 and started coming out
of his stall stiff, and then would work out of it, this winter. When I
finally decided to have him checked out his x-rays showed serious hock
changes on the stiff leg. Started him on bute and trot work. Within a week
he had his spell of seriously attacking his salt block, drinking buckets of
water and peeing all over his stall! With his fat pockets, long long winter
coat, and age the vet diagnosed Cushings. I had taken him off the bute when
he started peeing so much as I was concerned about a possible connection to
it. Just on the pergolide he started working with no 'offness'!

I'm glad you're having him checked out, too. I have read about the mystery
about how some horses with hock changes are sore and some are not. Makes me
wonder if their body chemistry is the difference. I had switched to a new
multi-vitamin supplement this winter and stopped it when he had his bad
spell with peeing so much. A few weeks after being on the pergolide,
working soundly, and drinking/peeing normally, I gave him some of that
supplement again. He drank down his whole big water tub again that night
and alot of his free choice salt! I believe something in that supplement
threw his system off and exacerbated his Cushings issues and contributed to
his 'offness'. So, have you changed his supplements any prior to this
'offness'? Within the last few months?

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

You've given me some interesting things to think about. The only
change I've made in the last 2 months is that at the beginning of May
I switched from Grand Flex to Sprintime's J Flex concentrate. It was
the middle of May that he started having problems. I've since gone
back to Grand Flex for the moment.
I'm still anxiously waiting for last week's blood work. I'm afraid
when it comes to my pony I'm not a very patient person. I want
to figure out what's wrong with him and fix it-now!
Thanks for your post.